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Infinity Tanks (Pty) Ltd is committed to saving our most precious resource through firstly reducing waste when water is used and then harvesting rainwater, greywater and storing fresh water for use inside or outside your home or office


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One of the first steps to conserve water is to reduce waste


Harvest rainwater for first use instead of municipal water


Re-use greywater and pool backwash water for example


Maintain rain, borehole and municipal water backups

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Harvest and Backup

Infinity Tanks (Pty) Ltd is delighted to supply stylish, space saving, aesthetically pleasing Australian engineered Thintanks that are now locally manufactured by 4EVR Plastic Products. The rectangular water storage tanks are perfect for residential and commercial use in South Africa and other African countries

A 2,000ℓ capacity high quality food-grade UV-stabilised polyethylene tank is available in four elegant colours. The Thintanks supplied by Infinity Tanks (Pty) Ltd can be configured in any quantity to achieve the desired storage capacity. Easy installation allows for numerous configurations as single or multiples, either mounted against walls or freestanding to create fences, courtyards, enclosed carports, etc. to name only a few possible installation options.

Solutions can be planned to harvest rainwater, maintaining a fresh water supply or a combination of both (although freshwater should never be mixed with rain or grey water).

Furthermore, Thintanks can also be used for mobile water requirements either intended for industrial, agricultural, events or drought relief as examples.

We would gladly discuss your water requirements in detail.

“The Thintanks™ is about innovation, research and development”

  1. The Thintank is an Australian product, designed and patented by an engineer with over 50 years’ experience in plastics and water treatment who is still part of this continuing journey with Thintanks™
  2. All Thintanks are designed by a professional consulting engineer in accordance with all AS/NZ Standards and designs confirmed with FEA testing
  3. 4EVR Plastic Products purchased the rights to manufacture and distribute in South Africa, Africa and Europe
  4. The 2,000ℓ tank weighs 135kg, a traditional round tank of similar capacity weighs below 40kg
  5. Each tank is manufactured from high quality food-grade UV-stabilised polyethylene
  6. The moulding process is incredibly complex with special “kiss-offs” incorporated into the interior ensuring structural durability and stability of each tank to withstand pressure. This however results in a more labour-intensive manufacturing process for moulding, stripping and finishing – including additional cranage due to weight of finished product
  7. Thintanks warrants its rainwater tanks by a pro rata warranty for 10 years from the original date of purchase
  8. The wall thickness of regular water tanks is much thinner than that of Thintanks. The thickness of the walls of Thintanks combined with its intricate design ensures that tanks will never sag and will maintain its upright position
  9. The 2,000ℓ Thintank is the thinnest tank of similar capacity available in South Africa, measuring only 470mm wide
  10. Plugs used in finishing off tanks after manufacture are imported from Australia
  11. In Australia the approximate cost of a 2,000ℓ Thintank is AU$1,700 excluding GST and shipping, brackets are sold separately. In South Africa the recommended retail price of a 2,000ℓ Thintank is R13,920 including VAT in Cape Town, excluding delivery and is supplied with the following:
  • Reducer fitting
  • Clip-close lid
  • Thread tape
  • Brackets – free standing / against wall
  • Ball valve
  • End cap
  • Sieve

The ecogator pump covers are a perfect addition to Thintanks providing an appealing and functional cover.

2020-05-08 - Infinity Tanks - pump cover

Thintanks and pump covers are available in four elegant colours chosen for their aesthetic appeal.

2020-05-08 - Infinity Tanks - colours - lite beige birch grey2020-05-08 - Infinity Tanks - colours - mint green lite beige slate grey birch grey2020-05-08 - Infinity Tanks - colours - slate grey mint green

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  • 2019-10-07 - Ecogator - rain water sump - 01
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  • 2019-10-07 - Ecogator - greywater system - 01
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Utilise, Re-use and Reduce

The ecogator range of products work in unison to either harvest, filter and pump water for a variety of uses

The modular system can be used to firstly harvest and store rainwater during high rainfall periods into large rainwater tanks above or below ground (5, 6 and 1). Water can then be used via the backfeed / filtration system (3) for use in and outside your home, office or school. The greywater from washing can then be re-used to flush water your garden, wash cars and paving or stored for reticulation back into the building for flushing toilets, effectively re-using rainwater at least twice (4). The pool backwash system treats water from your swimming pool’s backwash cycle for use in your pool again (7).

Collect, filter and pump (pump not included) the rainwater to your central water storage tanks.

Gravity feed your rainwater downpipes to one central underground point – the ecogator 120ℓ Rainwater Sump System. The sump will collect, filter and pump (submersible or external pump not included) the rainwater to your central water storage tanks as sump fills up. No need to place your tanks underneath your rainwater downpipes or next to your house (for space and aesthetic reasons). It is designed for easy installation.

The system includes a 110mm inlet connection and a 32mm outlet connection, a flexible yellow pipe to connect to your pump as well as a filter system. The ecogator system filters the leaves, dirt particles and dust before it reaches the sump. The filter system consists of:

(1) an inner canister or calmed inlet. The calmed inlet collects the fine dust particles which passes through the filter and prevents the swirling of the water and oxygenates it at the bottom of the sump.  Just remove the 50mm union pipe connector by unscrewing the union to remove your whole filter system when cleaning it of leaves, debris and dust. There is an emergency overflow (to be connected to your storm water pipes) which also act as a siphon. The siphon simply flushes the floating light, fine materials (e.g. flower pollen) out via the 50mm overflow pipe.

2019-10-07 - Ecogator - rain water sump - 01

2019-10-07 - Ecogator - rain water sump - 03

2019-10-07 - Ecogator - rain water sump - 02

The ecogator Backfeed/Filtration System is designed to enable households to live off the grid and use rainwater for household purposes.

The challenge when harvesting rainwater is how to effectively transfer, filtrate and back-feed it from your storage tanks to the point of being ready for household or garden use. The ecogator system offers you a simple solution to achieve this. This single unit housing accommodates all components, pre-assembled with all pipe work included for easy installation by a plumber. It is designed to first pump, filter/clean and disinfect your rainwater for household and/or garden use. It offers you a housing for a SCALA2 pump (included), a 2-stage filtration (10 & 5 micron) process and a UV-light on the side of the unit. The system has one single inlet (water from your tanks) and two outlets – one to the garden and one to back-feed to your house. It could also be utilized to hang your garden hosepipe on. The water is suitable for all household use, except human consumption. Please note, this system does not treat chemicals, iron, salt levels, etc – it only filters rainwater.

2019-10-07 - Ecogator - filtration and backfeed system - 01

2019-10-07 - Ecogator - filtration and backfeed system - 05 2019-10-07 - Ecogator - filtration and backfeed system - 04 2019-10-07 - Ecogator - filtration and backfeed system - 03 2019-10-07 - Ecogator - filtration and backfeed system - 02

Designed to ensure the recycling of household grey water from washing machines, showers, baths and basins. Even when there is little or no rain daily water is reused.

The system acts as collection point for recycled water and not a storage tank. Household waste pipes from your shower, bath and washing machine are extended to a central point, where it passes through a filter into the 120ℓ water tank and pumped to your garden regularly, thereby prohibiting bacteria growth. Kitchen water should not be used as greasiness and fatty residue may block the irrigation pump and pipes and could pose a health risk.

Everything needed is included in the ecogator Grey Water System (tank, filter, pump, float switch and manual). It is easy to clean and maintain and is made of durable Polyethylene which is non-corrosive and rust free. The average household could save up to 50ℓ per person per day to re-use.

2019-10-07 - Ecogator - greywater system - 01 2019-10-07 - Ecogator - greywater system - 02 2019-10-07 - Ecogator - greywater system - 03 2019-10-07 - Ecogator - greywater system - 04 2019-10-07 - Ecogator - greywater system - 05 2019-10-07 - Ecogator - greywater system - 06

Store and clean backwash water to be re-cycled back to your swimming pool, this system is installed as an add-on to your existing pool filtration system.

The ecogator Pool Backwash Tank is easy to use and eco-friendly. The system could be installed near or far from your pool (wherever aesthetically pleasing). Just connect the backwash outlet pipe from the pool pump to the ecogator inlet pipe and pump the water into the tank. The water is first chlorinated with a special inline slow release chlorinator, to clean it. This water is then left in the tank for 24 hours to allow the sediment and debris to settle at the bottom of the tank. When this process is finished, water is re-cycled back into the pool. This assists in maintaining your pool water level without wasting precious drinking water.

The system also has a by-pass function to by-pass backwash water when needed. This is ideal when “wasting” the pool to get rid of severe sludge build-up (water not suitable for re-cycling) or with the first seconds of the backwash water running through the system. It was designed to be installed easily as DIY and comes complete with an installation manual and operating instructions.

2019-10-07 - Ecogator - pool backwash - 01 2019-10-07 - Ecogator - pool backwash - 02 2019-10-07 - Ecogator - pool backwash - 03 2019-10-07 - Ecogator - pool backwash - 04 2019-10-07 - Ecogator - pool backwash - 05

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  • 2019-10-07 - Blumat Classic concept
  • 2019-10-07 - Blumat Classic concept 03
  • 2019-10-07 - Blumat Easy concept
  • 2019-10-07 - Blumat Digital 20cm with protecting cap blisterpack 02
  • 2019-10-07 - Tropf Blumat concept 01
  • 2019-10-07 - Tropf Blumat concept 04

Automatic watering saves you the trouble of daily watering and reduces your water consumption. At the same time, Blumat always supplies your plants with the right amount of water, which guarantees healthy plant growth and ensures lush colourful flowers. You can go on holiday at any time reassured: as often as you want as Blumat works all year round


Blumat works without any power and watering computer at all. There is no mains connection, no changing of batteries, no complex programming, the clay cone thinks for you.


Blumat products can be used in & outside your home or office, including balconies, patios, greenhouses, raised beds, with systems that can be extended to suit requirements by using a variety of parts available.

The heart of the Blumat products is the clay cone. It is in direct contact with soil and roots measuring moisture exactly where it is important. Each clay cone is a stand-alone sensor that regulates release of water independently. As a result, every individual plant regulates its watering itself, totally individually and as required. You save time and money enjoying healthy, beautiful plants.

Cone 2


Blumat Easy is a simple watering system that permanently releases water, particularly ideal for plants on the balcony and in the garden, naturally for indoor plants too. Almost all standard 0.25 to 2ℓ plastic bottles fit on the adapter.

Insert the filled bottle with clay cone into the soil and the porous cone slowly releases 200mℓ of water on the plant throughout the day.

With large plant pots use the Easy XL, which releases 300mℓ water over 24 hours.

2019-10-07 - Blumat Easy concept 2019-10-07 - Blumat Easy concept 02 2019-10-07 - Blumat Easy XL 2pcs blisterpack 2019-10-07 - Blumat Easy 3pcs blisterpack 2019-10-07 - Blumat Easy 1pcs blisterpack

With Blumat Classic indoor plants get just the right amount of water that they actually need.

Regardless of whether it’s a sunny or shady location. The water is drawn from any container through a thin tube and released directly through the clay cone onto the plant.

The Classic XL with larger clay cone that releases more water is ideal for indoor plants with higher water consumption or to supply plants on the balcony and patio when you are on holiday.

2019-10-07 - Blumat Classic concept 03 2019-10-07 - Blumat Classic concept 2019-10-07 - Blumat Classic concept 04 2019-10-07 - Blumat Classic concept 02 2019-10-07 - Blumat Classic XL 2 pcs blister pack 2019-10-07 - Blumat Classic 3 pcs pack 2019-10-07 - Blumat Classic 1 pcs blisterpack 2019-10-07 - Blumat Classic 25pcs in display

Your watering system starts here, plants can be reached at a distance of up to 60m away in a row with the 8mm feeding tube. The water can be supplied in three ways:

A Tap The Blumat pressure reducer is screwed onto a tap and the system is ready to use straight away. Higher plants up to 4m tall can also be supplied.

B Tank Fresh or rainwater supply with a high tank is simple and flexible. The shape and size are irrelevant, the only important thing is that the tank is higher than the plants themselves. The larger the tank, the longer you can water for.

C Pump With a pump you can draw in water from a fountain or lower lying tank to supply your Tropf-Blumat system. Only use pumps with an integrated expansion tank (domestic water system) and install the Blumat pressure reducer at the pump outflow. Higher plants up to 4m tall can also be supplied.

How it works: the Tropf-Blumat is filled with water. This water is not used for watering but for control. If the soil gets dry, the Tropf-Blumat releases a bit of water onto the soil. The pressure goes down inside as a result and a valve opens.

Once the soil is moist enough, the water is drawn back into the Tropf-Blumat through the clay cone and the valve closes. A simple principle of physics but highly effective and reliably for many years.

Planning aid: each Tropf-Blumat will water a diameter of approximately 20-25cm:

Up to 5 distribution drippers can be connected to one Tropf-Blumat or Tropf-Blumat Maxi. This increases watering radius. Ideal for plants in large containers or for several plants with the same water requirements.

Tropf-Blumat Maxi is used with large potted plants and tubs greater than 30cm high. It ensures even moisture in the roots area but the surface tends to remain dry. Connect and position in exactly the same way as the normal Tropf-Blumat.

2019-10-07 - Tropf Blumat concept 052019-10-07 - Tropf Blumat concept 022019-10-07 - Distribution Dripper 10 pcs blisterpack2019-10-07 - Tropf Blumat concept 04

2019-10-07 - Pressure Reducer 1 bar 1pc blister pack2019-10-07 - Tropf-Blumat Maxi 2 pcs pack 022019-10-07 - Tropf-Blumat Maxi 2 pcs pack 012019-10-07 - Tropf Blumat concept 032019-10-07 - Tropf Blumat concept 012019-10-07 - Tropf_Blumat 12 carrot irrigation 3m set2019-10-07 - Tropf-Blumat 2 pcs pack

Valuable plants usually react very sensitively to soil moisture content. Using the Blumat Digital readings, the Blumat Tropf system can be set to maintain precise soil moisture levels. The deeply inserted clay cone sensor measures the roots’ absorbency and indicates values on the display. A high reading indicates dry soil. The instructions for use include a list with the ideal values for various plants. Once the maximum value has been exceeded, it’s time to water the plant.

2019-10-07 - Blumat Digital 20cm with protecting cap blisterpack 02 2019-10-07 - Blumat Digital 20cm with protecting cap blisterpack

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  • 2020-05-26 - Probac - handwash
  • 2020-05-26 - Probac - floor and tile
  • 2020-05-26 - Probac - dishwashing
  • 2020-05-26 - Probac - kitchen
  • 2020-05-26 - Probac - laundry
  • 2020-05-26 - Probac - laundry pre-spotter
  • 2020-05-26 - Probac - bathroom
  • 2020-05-26 - Probac - toilet
  • 2020-05-26 - Probac - pet stain and odour
  • 2020-05-26 - Probac - carpet and upholstery
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  • 2020-05-26 - Probac - septic 01
  • 2020-05-26 - Probac - septic 02
  • 2020-05-26 - Probac - drain 01
  • 2020-05-26 - Probac - drain 02


The PROBAC philosophy is that of microbial management, in which no longer complete sterile environments are desired, but a stable and healthy microbial community is created. This can be achieved by means of probiotic micro-organisms. These are safe and useful bacteria, already known and exploited for years in food and healthcare industry because of their health promoting properties to man and animal. All PROBAC products contain probiotic bacteria as an essential ingredient, which possess the unique property of sporulation. This process makes it possible for these bacteria to survive harsh conditions and regain their activity as soon as environmental parameters improve. PROBAC cleaning products are not disinfectants, but probiotic cleaners.

Especially in case of disinfectants, an important disadvantage is the unspecific action of these agents, killing both good and bad micro-organisms. This results in a surface free of organisms, allowing any remaining or newly arriving pathogen to bloom within a very limited timeframe. After all, each disinfection procedure leaves sufficient organic matter behind that may serve as carbohydrate and protein source to sustain a fast (pathogenic) re-colonisation of the surface. Hence, disinfection results in a fast reduction of the number of micro-organisms, however, the effect is very short and unstable. Because of the current resistance problems, continuously increasing concentrations and frequencies of disinfectant have to be applied, which is detrimental to man and the environment due to their aggressive chemical nature.

PROBAC Biologicals – Mode of Action

Every surface contains biofilm, which is an accumulation of micro-organisms held together by a highly persistent matrix of organic compounds such as proteins and exopolysaccharides. This provides the ideal environment for unwanted bacteria to thrive. The biofilm acts as a shield for these bacteria from the outside world. As a result, cleaning and disinfection does not affect bacteria ‘hiding’ in the biofilm. PROBAC Biologicals products work using a combination of environmentally friendly detergents, enzymes and probiotic bacteria to remove surface dirt, eliminate the biofilm and consequently reduce the risk of infection. The probiotic bacteria will occupy space on the surface and will sense and consume any food (= dirt) available on that surface. The composition of the PROBAC bacteria has been chosen to such an extent that in a broad range of temperature, pH and humidity the activity is guaranteed. Through the production of in situ enzymes, the PROBAC products result in a profound microscopic deep cleaning effect, which continues cleaning as a residual effect for days after the actual cleaning process.

In conclusion, PROBAC Biologicals introduces a revolutionary and efficient concept of hygiene in the home and business, which is above all sustainable, good for the environment, and good for human health – the ultimate cleaning technology coupled with the ultimate “green”.

  • Free & rapid rinsing • Gentle to skin & surfaces • GOOD for Septic Tank activity.