Keep Water in the Fridge

Keep a Bottle of Drinking Water in the Fridge


Running tap water to cool it off for drinking water is wasteful. Store drinking water in the fridge in a safe, reusable drinking bottle. If you are filling water bottles to bring along on outdoor hikes, consider buying a personal water filter, which enables users to drink water safely from rivers or lakes or any available body of water. A water jug with filter is also a great way to ensure your water is not only delicious, but clean.


Infusing water with cucumber, orange, mint, ginger, strawberries, herbs, spices, etc. not only tastes delicious but also has many health benefits. You could also consider keeping ice tea infused with fresh ingredients of your choice. A great, healthier alternative to expensive sugar loaded store bought drinks. It’s also better for our environment to re-use containers rather than single-use plastic and cans.


What is your favourite way to get your recommended daily water intake?


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